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Cracking the Collaboration Code
Cracking the Collaboration Code


Using this Book, you can put together a plan for the most effective meeting strategy to get the best results for your business and relationships.

What The Book Teaches

What do negotiations and charrettes have in common with investor, community, and government meetings, as well as with interpersonal and coworker relationships, marriage and childrearing? PEOPLE. Everything is always about people.

The four most important tips you’ll learn

  1. NIMBY, Not In My BackYard, is the predictable psychological resistance to changing pretty much anything.
  2. NIMBY resistance to change is often a MEDICAL Issue - a Chemical/Hormonal REACTION due to our unintended provocation.
  3. NEMBY Technology, “New Enhancements for My Back Yard,” is a systematic anti-NIMBY technology that helps avoid the brain chemistry obstacles.
  4. There are SOLUTIONS!

From the site NIMBY.com...

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NEMBY: The Anti-NIMBY Presentation Device (coming soon)

As you'll discover when reading the Collaboration Code book, "Ownership" and tactile participation and an augmented reality by participants in a negotiation or charrette is a very powerful tool for achieving a great outcome. Do you wonder why the Pokemon Go phenomenon has resulted in amazing changes in behavior? What if a Presentation Device, with a myriad of inputs and outputs, capable of videos, PDF display, drawings, video conferencing, spreadsheets, and anything else -- could also allow a participative experience that helps overcome reluctance and resistance to change or to ideas? Whether the Real Estate industry, or software, or any product or industry, "ownership" and participation, building "with" ... rather than "to" or "for" ... It matters. Coming Soon.

  • NEMBY New Enhancements for My BackYard.
  • NEMBY The Anti-NIMBY Presentation Device
  • NEMBY Technology Creating Ease and Strength in Presentation and Collaboration


Cracking the Collaboration Code - NEMBY: The Anti-NIMBY Technology

Book Excerpts

Flawless logic in our presentation or proposal will NOT overcome DNA, childhood hardwiring experiences, OR the real-time chemical-dispensing factories of humans. Scientifically, brain scans show that what we think are frontal lobe “rational” decisions or “justifiable” responses… frequently are not so, at all! Our logical minds are often entirely blocked by our emotions. We don’t even know this has happened to us.

Know it or not, like it or not, we exist in gravity—as well as in an ecosystem of Testosterone, Estrogen, DNA, Insulin, Lactic Acid, Oxytocin, Adrenaline, and others. These all, in this realm, hold serious sway upon the continual negotiation and collaboration of our lives, our partnerships and our relationships.

Cracking the Collaboration Code

About The Author

Michael H Peters

Michael Peters — Rose Hulman Institute of Technology and Harvard Graduate School of Design — has distilled a radical but obvious path to success with people in this single, easily understood tome.

To cooperate with gravity, you don’t have to understand everything about gravity. Similarly, you don’t have to understand everything about brain chemistry and hormones to make wise choices in your negotiations and interactions.

CRACKING THE COLLABORATION CODE is your encryption key to “escape velocity” and foster collaboration with stakeholders in development and relationships.

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